• In our culture, hearing loss has been viewed as something of a stigma. Part of the reason few people with hearing loss get help is that we simply don’t talk about it. It’s a sign of advancing age. Yet, like impaired vision, it is one of the most common health problems in Egypt as well as worldwide.
  • Unlike impaired vision, hearing loss is often made fun of. People with hearing loss often have to deal with the perception that their intelligence or grasp on reality is unsound, simply because they don’t hear something correctly.
Hearing loss facts:
  • Hearing loss is second only to arthritis as the most common complaint of older adults
    More than a third of all hearing loss is attributed to noise: loud music, loud workplaces, loud recreational equipment
  • Noise above 80-90 decibels on average over an 8-hour workday is considered hazardous
  • Firearms, music, airplanes, lawnmowers, power tools and many appliances are louder than 80 decibels and potentially hazardous to hearing with prolonged exposure
  • A typical Egyptian live wedding-party concert produces sounds from 110 to 120 decibels—easily high enough to cause permanent damage to hearing over a 2- to 3-hour period
  • Thanks to the above, we’re all losing our hearing at a younger age than we were 30 years ago