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Our Mission

 We are committed to providing patients with the highest quality health care, compassionate  counseling, and and the highest quality medical and otological examination procedures for all those seeking such help.


We are utilizing an advanced specially designed computer programming for patient data recording and retrieval as well as for appointment scheduling. and data base statistics.

We strictly apply sterilization regulations of all medical  procedures and equipments in our facility including autoclaving, sterile packaging and hot-air oven sterilization.

We apply the most competent and advanced technology in surgery for hearing reconstruction, balance disorders, infections, tumors and effusions of the ear utilizing state -of-the-art micro-surgical instruments and equipments.

We keep our continued pursuit for the latest innovations in the field of otolaryngology through sharing in top-level international conference and scientific meetings allover the globe.


Meat Dr. Mohamed Basssiouni


Dr. med Mohamed Bassiouni, Ph.D.  got his Medical Degree from the University of Alexandria in 2013. He finished a 5-year research fellowship in the University of Ttubingen, Germany at the end of which he earned his PhD degree, in 2016.

He submitted a dissertation titled: "Analysis of the expression pattern of the oncogene Bmi1 and its role in promoting cell proliferation in the murine organ of Corti and otic progenitor cells as a requirement to fulfill the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy” (Ph. D.) at the Faculty of Medicine, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.

He left for Berlin in 2016 where he Joined the residency program of the Department of Otolaryngology in"the Charité Hospital - Universitätsmedizin Berlin as an "Assistantartz" and completed a 4-year  training of his residency program. He is expected to earn his Fachärz status in  aother one year




Meat Dr. Mokhtar Basssiouni


Mokhtar Bassiouni, M.D. has been in practice of medicine for the last 42 years. He got his Medical Degree from the University of Alexandria in 1977. He completed his ENT residency, Got a Master degree in Otolaryngology, in 1981. He Left for the united states in 1984 where he finished a thesis about diseases of the Eustachian tube and Middle ear at the University of Minnesota. He earned his clinical and research Fellowship in Otolaryngology From the University of Minnesota in 1986, as well as a clinical fellowship from Minnesota Ear, Head and Neck Center and fulfilled a 2- year clinical attachment with Professor Michael Paparella of Minnesota whereby he commenced his career and focused interest in the field of Otology (Treatment and surgery of the ear). He earned his Doctorate degree in Otolaryngology in 1986, then started his private practice in Alex Ear Clinic in its present location in 1987, and continued advancing and adding to this center up to this moment. The Alex Ear center has thus been active for the last 33 years

 He contributed the chapter of (Labyrinthitis) in 1990 Paparella's textbook of otolaryngology, Saunder's publishing company. and had many medical publications in renowned international otological journals. He was promoted  to full Professor in 1996, and presumed  his career as a Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology , University of Alexandria as to present date.

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